OTOWA deals with a wide variety of products including Power line SPD, Signal and Data line SPD, even ZnO varistor which works as a heart part of SPD.

OTOWA LV Surge Protection Products

OTOWA LV Surge Protection Products

  • Power Line Surge Protective Devices

    Power Line Surge Protective DevicesProducts for Direct Lightning Protection:Type1(ClassⅠ)
    Products for Indirect Lightning Protection:Type2(ClassⅡ)

  • Signal and Data Line Surge Protective Devices

    Signal and Data Line SPDProducts for Signal and Data Line Protection
    Products for Coaxial Cable and LAN Line

  • Other Products

    Other ProductsSurge counter
    Lightning memory
    Surge recorder
    SPD checker

Zinc Oxide varistor
  • Zinc Oxide varistor

    Zinc Oxide varistorHigh quality Zinc Oxide(ZnO)disks have stable, non-linear characteristics and are designed for use in low, medium and high voltage surge arrester and SPDs.